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Default Re: Older hamster not eating his food

Originally Posted by Coco61 View Post
Hi AP, good to hear from you although I am sorry it is because you are worried about Quigley. He has lived to a great age now and you do need to get nutrients down him and moist food too to help with water intake. I would not increase the baby food. I would add some porridge into his diet. Take a teaspoon of porridge oats and mix with water. Microwave it (20 secs should do) and when cooler he should love it. A little scrambled egg maybe but the protein might be too high if too often. If you want to encourage hamster food, then try crushing up his HH with pestle and mortar or similar and then moisten it a little to encourage him to eat it. You will probably know which were his favourite bits as I doubt he ate it all. At his age, it you can get him to eat any combination like this with his veggies and the extra seeds he still takes, then I think you are doing the best you can. Hopefully this will just be enough for his teeth at this great age. He will lose weight anyway at his age and 172 is not too bad.
Hope all is going well for you elsewhere!
Thank you Coco! Iíll stop giving him the extra baby food. Porridge oats a good idea so I will try that. And Iíve ordered a pestle and mortar so that I can crush up his food and mix it with water. I usually give him about a tablespoon of HH a day, though he hasnít eating this as of late. How much water would you recommend that I mix with a tablespoon of HH?
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