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Default Re: Older hamster not eating his food

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I'd give him what he likes and what he can eat. Babyfood, porridge, scrambled egg etc. Maybe you could grind the seeds and mix them with a little water...

He is a very old man and maybe his teeth aren't in the best condition. I haven't had an older hamster as yet so am not talking from experience.

If you are very worried about his health and weight loss you could take him for a check up of course.
Thank you for the suggestions, Ria. Much appreciated. I think Iíll have to check his teeth but Iím not sure how to do that. Heís a very chilled out little guy, doesnít mind being turned upside down in the slightest and has never bitten anyone so I donít think he will mind too much. But Iím not sure how I can get a good look at his teeth. Presumably I would have to love his lips apart but I donít want to hurt him!

I donít think he is actually sick so Iím hesitant to take him to the vet in case it causes him any stress. He just seems not to have much of an appetite and is only really eating his favourite things (which donít include his mix, unfortunately!)
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