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Default Re: Ragna - coaxing and spot cleaning

Originally Posted by Schwartzie View Post
I just watched the video again and yes you are right. He is leaner which I did think would happen because the type of vitasmart he was on had lots of corn as a filler. My theory was right in the beginning when I first got him. He is a lot leaner. I had a worry moment but he has so much to eat and in his nest a I saw food so I donít think he is getting too little food right? He is a very quiet and lazy per say hamster. He might be a lot older. I remember back to my hamsters as a kid...they were so busy and used to come out in the open when I was near the cage. Ragna is a very shy and quiet boy. He looked ok though? If he was sick or something he would have looked different?
Schwartzie, he looked fine. I did not mean to worry you. Trust me, just because he is quiet and shy does not mean he is ill. I think you would know if he was ill, little ones go downhill pretty quickly. If the food and water is disappearing he is eating and drinking, all good signs. Also he looked awake and alert.
signs of illness or not happy hamster i would say are things like, ruffled fur, looking scruffy (also sign of getting old) hunched over in a corner etc.
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