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Default Re: Ragna - coaxing and spot cleaning

Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
That's funny, I thought he looked long and skinnier (not in a bad way) than that brief glance we had of him right at the beginning. I also wondered if he was older than what they told you, if it was it might explain why he sleeps alot, or you may just have a lazy chilled out hamster. I understand males can be very different to females. I thought he looked very chilled out. Luna would have been investigating every bit of the travel cage you put him in. I know he had just woken up, but he just seemed to sit there.
I just watched the video again and yes you are right. He is leaner which I did think would happen because the type of vitasmart he was on had lots of corn as a filler. My theory was right in the beginning when I first got him. He is a lot leaner. I had a worry moment but he has so much to eat and in his nest a I saw food so I donít think he is getting too little food right? He is a very quiet and lazy per say hamster. He might be a lot older. I remember back to my hamsters as a kid...they were so busy and used to come out in the open when I was near the cage. Ragna is a very shy and quiet boy. He looked ok though? If he was sick or something he would have looked different?
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