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Default Re: Ragna - coaxing and spot cleaning

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
While i watched Henry gobbling up his porridge this morning i had an idea!

All we could see in the video was Ragna's lovely head and he may not be ready yet to hop into the mug.

You could offer him a bit of baby food on a teaspoon (apologies to your baby) when he pokes his nose out and pull the spoon back a fraction to hopefully see a little more of Ragna.
That way he doesn't have to worry about a hand close up and you don't have to worry about your fingers.
A long handled latte spoon would be ideal.

My finger got bitten this morning which was entirely my fault. So be aware of hamster teeth, lol.

Henry had barricaded himself in when i came back from the garden with his early morning snack of a dandelion leaf calling out his name. I thought he was in bed, so made a small whole in the door with my finger to push the leaf through like a letter.
Next thing. Ouch!!
He had been sitting by the door waiting for his leaf and either expected my finger to be the leaf or acted on instinct, what's that?? let's find out. Chomp!!

Will i ever learn? make me laugh as always. Ok, so I will start off slowly. We are going to attempt it later this evening or tomorrow. The household was busy today so wanted to do it when it was quiet. I am really glad that he has made another tunnel for his entrance because I also was scared of being bitten..hahaha! I donít have baby food right now but can place a small amount of cheese cut up in tiny bits in case he grabs and runs.
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