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Default Re: Ragna - coaxing and spot cleaning

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Hi Schwartzie, great to hear from you again.

I'd put a small piece of cheese into Ragna's mug and then lift him out to do a quick health check. You could put him in his travel box while you do the check. Wear gardening gloves in case he decides to bite and only keep him out a short time at first before you move on to bath tub bonding etc.
He did poke his nose out in the video and hamsters are nosy.

He may even surprise you and not kick up too much of a fuss when being handled because he feels safe by now and knows your voice.

You could do a quick spot clean while he's in the travel box with some sunflower seeds to keep him occupied.
Thanks you been? How’s Henry doing? Will go through the threads to catch up on the news.

I will do that tomorrow evening. Will let you know how it goes☺️☺️☺️
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