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Default Re: What Are Good Toys??

My hamster doesn't play with toys as such but is active at night. I got a set of three degus shelves on Amazon and he likes to climb from one to the other, sit and wash on them. They have been a big hit with him. He also likes sitting in the coconut I got from P@H. I leave a raisin in one of those small boxes for him to get out. Last night I made him a step out of an upturned hollow log and filled it with chew sticks to create a solid surface to stand on but my hamster decided to try and pull the sticks out! I made lots of cardboard toys in the past but he's only really interested when it involves food or when I try to stop him from doing something like digging in my plant pots. I also stick to natural things and must get a cork tunnel like m&m mentioned.
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