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Default Re: Petgard Borneo L Deluxe

It's like a 100cm version of the hamster heaven, which also doesn't have a door on top. I used to like that because you could use the whole roof for attaching things and no extra escape-routes. Also your hand never comes from the top. It is what you get used to. I have got used to using the top door on the Barney but much preferred the large front opening door on the savic cage.

I had a "roof run" in the savic cage - a large tube tied to the roof, running between the house roof and a rat sputnik, so it was a whole other place to go and more exploring/variety.

But if you really like a top door ......I think you get used to things maybe. The Alexander has a top door but because it's tall and has shelves, some people found it didn't help much having a top door as you couldn't get right down under the shelves.
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