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Default Re: (Curious) How is Fitch doing?

I'd noticed reduced availability of Fitch in early 2017 so I started buying Megazorb instead and decided that I'd only use Fitch for maternity and hospital cages so that the bags I was able to get hold of would last longer. I'd noticed a slight decline in quality but it still did the job but when I bought my last bag to set up Cora's maternity cage in 2017, I was so disappointed in the quality that I just didn't feel happy to let Cora have her babies on it. It was not only dusty but it was really quite rough. I'd contacted Fitch to let them know but let's just say that their customer service left a lot to be desired.

I am not the only one who has found their prices to have risen rather a lot and I know that people have had issues sourcing the larger bags too which I think has led to some people looking to source alternatives. I now use Kaytee Clean and Cozy in my hospital and maternity cages and that suits us fine but I know that there are others who find that Fitch is still the best option for them and their hamsters.
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