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Default Re: (Curious) How is Fitch doing?

I have never had a bag that is dusty either. Never had any issues with it at all and the quality is absolutely fine. I got a 10kg bag recently. The 10kg bag has gone up from 17 to 22 so not double the price. The 20kg bag has gone up a lot - from about 22 to 35. A 10g bag lasts me about 6 months though so I still think it works out reasonable.

Sometimes it will be less white and other times it will be pure white. I queried this once and the manufacturers said it depends what type of paper they've been recycling at that time - when it is less white it is slightly less soft - but it is absolutely fine and still the only dust-free bedding I've found that's a good texture.

Very occasionally you hear of someone who has had a bad bag - but in the 3 or 4 years I've been on here that has been quite rare. It's great bedding as far as I'm concerned and hamsters really like it. Shame the price has gone up but it didn't have a price rise for a long time.
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