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We are 4 days in, Still going for the Baytril injections everyday at the vet, He still seems to run around in circles every now and then, and his balance is still off, I think it will take him time to get back to normal again.

We have been giving him loads of treats to get him through the daily trips and the injections.

I believe the cause of all this has to be the heat here, It really gets hot, and he is sensitive to it. We are going to keep a fan on his cage during the hot days, we are expected to have a week now of 30+ 'C .

Our female doesn't seem to have any issues at all, I guess they are all different!

Good news so far is that his head tilt is completely gone, and when he does run on the floor, when we let him out to stretch his legs, he runs straight, until he starts spinning again, but he only spins for a few seconds at a time.
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