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Default Re: Hamster Concern!

How big is her cage, length and depth? Also how long have you had her? When they first move into a cage they do a lot of exploring. But need two weeks to fully adjust and settle in and it's best not to clean out during that first two weeks while they're settling in and scent marking to find their way around. If it gets a bit whiffy after a week you could "spot clean" the pee area - ie just take a handful of damp substrate out and replace it with another hanful of clean and mix it in a bit, so it's not 100% clean and still smells familiar. If you can't find a pee area easily then no rush and just wait longer

If you've recently cleaned her out that could cause her to feel a bit stressed and want to escape. So when doing cleans, try not to do them too often - weekly isn't necessary if you have enough substrate in there. And do partial cleans - eg substrate one week, wheel another week, toys a different week again - so something always smells familiar. They also don't like change so try and leave things in the same place and not move them around.

Which cage is it? I know the Ferplast Kios is about that height.
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