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Red face Re: My Hamster Harley!

Hi there

Harley looks like a Russian to me. The colour is gorgeous.

Thanks also for the welcome. I must try to get pictures of my three hooligans. Their names are Gibbs, DiNozzo and Abbey. They are all Syrians and the boys are 2018 babies and Abbey is a rescue and is a 2017. I've been rescuing since 2000 from Raystede and I take all the oldies and problem cuties. It took me six months to rehabilitate one lovely little girl, they call me up to take these darlings and I'm more than happy to do so.

I work full time, a legal secretary so please forgive my unregular sign ins as I work on a computer all day and sometimes just can't face firing up my own! LOL

Look forward to hearing what others say about Harley.
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