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Default Re: My hamster won't exercise

He is in the living room with us, so it's always relatively warm. It does get a bit nippy but if it's too cold we always put the heating on anyway. We never have the tv loud cos I was worried the tv might be upsetting him but people have said they soon get used to background noise. We have put substrate on top of the wheel and when we have, it's disappeared in the morning so but I can't tell how long he's been using it for. Sometimes he gets in, does a little jog then gets out lol. We mainly use the ball to get him in and out of his cage, it comes with a stand so we usually put him in the stand to have a run rather than knocking in to things, he did used to enjoy it but now it seems like he just sits in it, but if recommended we will stop using it. The playpen isn't big enough for us to fit in but we can buy more of it to extend it which we will probably do in the near future. I like scatter feeding and putting a little in his bowl in case he doesn't bury for it. We've just changed from hamster muesli to the harry hamster mix, we've done it gradually as recommended. Could this be anything to do with it?
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