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Default My hamster won't exercise

Hi all, I've had my Syrian hamster just over 3 week now, he's around 11 week old, hes got a hamster heaven cage with toys, a see saw, 8 inch wheel, tunnels ramps you name it.

We had a smaller cage at first, decided it wasnt big enough despite what the shop assistant said. When we first put him in his new cage he was running around like crazy, he loved it in his wheel, he was in and out of his see saw, he was climbing up the bars to get to his higher pink shelf to his treat bowl, but now we don't really see him do anything. He sleeps most of the time (which i know is normal) and gets up around 8-9pm. He might be using his wheel whilst were sleeping but im honestlt not sure.

Weve got a playpen for him too and a hamster ball. When we first put him in his pen with his toys, he loved it, he was very active, couldn't get him out of his wheel, but now he just sits in his coconut as if he's hiding from his. Same with his hamster ball, he loved that, now seems to hide behind the sofa where we can't see him. I know he's still new to us but is their anything we can do to make him exercise? We have started the taming process, he takes treats from us now, sometimes climbs on our hands but is still sceptical, he lets us stroke him if hes busy chomping on something. We even had him climbing on us on the sofa to try get used to us. I must admit we've been giving him probably too many treats to try get used to us and he's put a bit of weight on but I guess this is normal?
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