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Default Paper pellet bedding suitable for hamster?

Hi, Iím currently looking for bedding opinions and trying to find which one is cost effective and safe for my hamsters. One of my hamster is currently on healthy pet bedding while the other one is on both healthy pet paper based bedding and living world fresh n comfy. So far both is ok with their bedding. From what I have heard living world fresh ncomfy has baking soda in it but my hamster has been find since she was on it , granted she doesnít ingest her bedding. Iíve looking to switch to one without baking soda and those I could find here are Green Kat paper cat litter and pets dream paper pure.Both are made from recycled paper and are in pellet form. Iíve tried using green kat litter on my hamster on a 1/6 ratio of his bedding and heís ok.
Has anyone tried either of those before ?
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