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Default 3 Syrian hamsters to choose from

Location: Petersfield Hampshire UK
Kind of hamster(s): 3 long haired Syrians different colours
Hamster age(s): born Aug 24th 2018
Reason they were abandoned /require rehoming? moving to smaller home, sister wanted them and changed mind
Any health problems/special needs? none very healthy
Any behavioral problems? none all friendly and used to handling

Type of household hamster would best be suited to: no cats, suit someone who will handle animals before work and in the evening when they're active
Link to rescue facility:
For more information send PM on forum? yes
For more information send email to: [email protected]

Hamster 1 boy, very friendly and amenable brown, chestnut and white banded

hamster 2 boy, very friendly, possibly roan and satin long hair. loads of very soft fur. cream/white


hamster 3 girl, very friendly but doesn't like being surprised! beautiful girl, grey and light brown mottled, satin longhair

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