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Default Re: Let me draw your hamsters!

You are very artistic and kind to offer to draw beloved hammies for us. Ghost's pic looks wonderful, and I look forward to seeing all of the other hams' portraits, too.

If you are interested in drawing Eros, I would greatly appreciate seeing her portrait, too. I have posted three pics of my darling "Baby Bee" for you, or you could choose any other pic on her thread Eros - A 007 Hammy Secret Agent! in the Syrian Hamster section if you prefer. By the way, her left eye truly is dark black and her right eye is actually ruby red; it is not just the lighting from the camera, lol.


Also, if you happen to be interested in drawing other animals including guinea pigs, I would absolutely love for you to draw my sweet pigs, too. Just in case, I have posted two of their pics below but you can choose any from their thread Arwen the Mischievous Piggy Princess & Hinata Her Royal Sidekick in the Other Pets section if you prefer. However, if you are only interested in drawing hams, please don't feel the need to draw them.



Thanks a bunch!

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