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Originally Posted by cypher View Post
I know it's difficult when you can't get good mixes but you do need to be careful if you're mixing things up yourself as you can't know with out doing quite a bit of research & calculations what nutrients they are getting, they probably won't be getting a balanced diet & may have deficiencies. It maybe be better to give the commercial mix then just top up protein if needed & give a good variety of fresh veg, a lot of hams aren't keen on celery tbh, try more green leafy veg & broccoli.
If he's underweight & not eating well you could also give a little porridge, just some rolled oats cooked in water & cooled.
Yeah, I sometimes wish I am living in UK. Hahaha.
I do little research, wellness ( best hamster food I can find in Indonesia ) protein in 16%, while Harry Hamster ( none in Indonesia ) is 17%. Versele Laga Hamster Nature also 17% protein. Says, I can find three of them in my countries, which one do you recommend? I can figure how I can get Harry Hamster I think. Viovet can ship internationally. Cost much money and time though. Versele Laga is limited but I can find it. Wellness is always ready. What portion do you recommend me to give tofu/boiled egg to my hamster?
Flaxseed and nutritional yeast also available here but pricey. I can manage to find money to purchase it.
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