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Default Re: Natural Deodorant for Hamster

One thing that can help is one of those little air purifiers Removes odours from the room. They do help - I remember seeing cigarette smoke being sucked into one and disappearing. As they others say, rubbing something in her fur isn't good for her and herbs like mint are very pungent. The air purifier may not help her fur smell the days she's on heat but it should remove the odour from the air in the room. Does she have a sand bath? I'd be very careful if leaving bicarbonate of soda nearby in case she escaped and ate some as it could kill her. So if you did try that it would need to be well out of access and checking the cage is very secure. One of the less expensive air purifiers for odour removal (they have charcoal filters) - some are very expensive as they remove a lot more (eg tiny mould spores). Don't get one that is also an ioniser though - they're supposed to be bad for you!
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