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he should be given a week untouched anyway, so i wouldnt be too worried. do you keep your lights on in your room? try turning them out. my roborovski will not come out with lights on because he is scared of the "sun," but he is still a late riser, and usually doesn't come out until quite late.

i wouldn't suggest trying to adjust his sleep schedule as some people have said, honestly. he should wake up for brief periods during the day to pee and drink, so you can try a little treat and stuff then perhaps? though he may be too sleepy to be receptive.

you need to work on your ham's schedule, so you could try waking up earlier. i spend 30-60 minutes awake somewhere between 4 and 6 am to give my boys breakfast because that is what works for them, and it's a good time for a little bonding.
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