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Talking Re: Happy Burthday BubbyandHamper

Originally Posted by Sasha04 View Post
Sounds like your having a great time! Iíve heard of FunQuest and it sounds...well, fun! I apologize for spelling the title wrong too! Have a great rest of your birthday week Bubby!
No no no, it's fine, as a matter of fact it just adds to the joy!

You've NEVER been to FunQuest? Oh my goodness what miserable world are you living in of which you've never been to FunQuest? It's the best! There's a HUUUUUUGE playground of which I can actually stand up in all the way through, a skate park, some arcade games and "try your luck" games, but best of all... *drumroll*

Laser Tag!

The puuuuuurfect training. It's the apprentice cat's meow! ( do you like my training twist to the cat jokes?)

You should go some time!
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