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Default Re: SKBís Photography

Thank you CookieBlossomBella, cypher, Thin Lizzy, dreamtree1234 and Serendipity I have been really enjoying my pond and I'm so pleased with it - I love listening to the water trickling when I'm in the garden or have a window open. Although I have been having to top up the water during this heat wave as the water had been evaporating quickly due to it being a small pond.

My baby snails are getting bigger, it been so lovely watching them grow up although nowhere as big as their parents yet.

I always think sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful - I don't know why I never photographed them before but these two were special so had to capture them.

Thin Lizzy, I'm shocked to hear you don't like snails - I think they are such fascinating creatures and also very beautiful. When I was a child I used to go around my Dad's allotment rescuing them all (also the slugs) and placing them in my little plot! My parents thought I was crazy especially having them crawling around my hands and arms! So I'm so happy to have my very own pond snails as pets in my wildlife pond - which I spoil with wilted cabbage leaves - there favorite!
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