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Default Re: Best bins for bin cages?

The Really useful boxes are good because they're completely flat in the inside.

If you want to go for the RUB you might want to measure out the dimensions with string or something as its surprisingly large in person. although the next one down - the 85l - is too small for a Syrian hamster.

I've got one of my gerbils in one after they de-clanned and she's doing well in it. I'd recommend ear defenders for when you're cutting out the holes for ventilation as the noise was awful when i did it.

After having Luna, my hamster for i while i'd say go for an Alexander if you can afford it and have the space as even in a 100 x 50cm cage (like the alexander) i feel like my hamster could do with more floor space. I wish i'd gone for that as the included houses and full second level would have been really good.

Wishing you all the best in your DIY.
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