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Default Re: Great Alne (MHC) Show - 2nd June 2018

We attended the Great Alne Show on Saturday and it was nice to see so many friends again. I was busy Pen Stewarding the Syrians which was a new experience for me. It was easier than stewarding the Dwarfs as there wasn't any of the two to a pen to worry about but the pens are certainly feel heavier after a while, particularly with a bad finger.

Meanwhile I took four of Team Metallica along and we managed to bring home a couple of prize cards.

Matthew C. Nobria, Viscount Metallica
3rd in Normal Chinese
4th in Small Hamstery

Captain Jack S. Cormes of Metallica
4th in Normal Chinese

Vectis's Cora Josephine at Metallica
Not Placed

Lord Alexander J. Cormes of Metallica
Not Placed
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