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Default Re: Running too much?

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
How long have you had him? They can get quite obsessive with the wheel to begin with but it does usually settle down a bit after a while, it does sound as though Rufus is going a little crazy with his wheel.
Is he ok other wise, eating & drinking normally, not losing weight?
If he is ok then I'd just wait & see how it goes.
What's his cage set up like, does he have plenty of other things to do, lots of substrate to dig in & a good size house?
Iíve had he for about 3 months, heís drinking and eating fine, not losing weight. They have quite a bit cage itís a diy one, they have lots of substrate and lots of hides so hopefully he just grows out of it! Or Iíll have an Olympic sprinter on my hands!
Thank u for the help x
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