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Default Re: Diabetic cambel dwarf

Sorry to hear this little one is diabetic, is he being treated at all?
How you go ahead will depend to some extent on his urine test readings as things vary a bit depending on whether he has high glucose or high ketones but here's a few thoughts on food that might help a bit.
You want to aim for a fairly high protein diet, not too high as that can put a strain on the kidneys, plenty of fibre, fat in moderation & no sugar or sweet things, even the sweeter veg are best avoided.
No mix is really perfect but the Bunny mix from Zooplus would be ok, it has plenty of variety, some carrot but I don't think it would be enough to worry about, it also has some pea flakes but although these have some sugars they are also high in fibre & vitamins so that should be ok too.
You could also use Burgess dwarf hamster harvest but it doesn't have so much variety & can get a bit boring for them.
Avoid any shop bought treats, you can give fresh veg daily & that to them is a treat anyway! Sunflower, pumpkin, flax & hemp seeds in moderation would be ok.
A mealworm now & then for extra protein but they are high in fat so not too many, dried shrimps are lower in fat so may be a better alternative.
Some studies have shown that millet can have some small benefit in diabetes, probably not enough to make much of a difference but a millet spray in the cage certainly shouldn't do any harm.
All these veg are safe but the ones mark * should only be given very occasionally if at all due to the higher sugar content.
Brussels sprouts
Common or red clover
Cabbage, green or red
Cress (not mustard & cress as commonly sold together)
Dandelion leaves & flowers
Green beans/runner beans
Pak choi/Bok choi
Peas/mange tout/sugar snap/snow*
Peppers, any colour
Potato/sweet potato cooked only*
Sweet corn/baby corn*

Vectis has some helpful info on her site so I would have a read of that too.
Vectis Hamstery and Exotics - Diabetes in Hamsters
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