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Default How to resize photos 2018

Below are ways to easily resize photos to embed within a forum post for different operating systems in 2018.

Tip of the year is courtesy of Razor! Regarding using paint on Windows.

For Windows

Right click on the photo you want to resize - select Edit - Paint opens. Click on "Resize" which is displayed at the top. Select "pixels" and 700 (which is about right for the forum page). Then click - File - save as - jpeg and you then have the option to rename the photo (eg file name resized) and save it where you want, which keeps your original photo intact.

For IOS or Android

I believe one of the best/easiest app to use is called "Image Size". Again it gives you the option to select "pixel" and it is the width that needs to be 700 ish (the length should change automatically when you select the width). It's free but has in-app purchases.

Embedding photos on the forum page

You can then embed the resized photo on the page and there is a separate sticky on this by April Pearl.
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