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Default Alaska Cage review.

Hello everyone! I'd like to review the Alaska Hamster Cage.

I've bought mine off Zooplus, it came in a box protected and well sealed.

The Alaska Hamster Cage is 84Lx48.5Wx44H cm, It comes with a plastic platform, a plastice polar bear/cat hide out with a slide for the platform.

The wirings on the Alaska Cage isn't that durable so stacking a cage ontop of it might break it, the bars are rather soft and bendable, with enough strength that is. The Alaska Cage has two large doors, one on the front and one the top. There are 6 clips that came with the cage to hold the cage.

If you'd like to buy this Cage, here is the link.
Small Pet Cages – Alaska Hamster Cage: Great deals at!

Positive points:
- A very spaceous cage for Syrians, Dwarves and Chinese.
- The perfect starter cage for being rather a cheap cage.
- The base is deep allowing for a large amount of substrate to be used.
- Provides a platform and a hideout
- You can also attach things such as Water Bottles and Platforms being a barred cage.
- Has a handle for moving the cage around.

Negative points:
- The bar spacing is 0.9 cm or 1 cm, making it less useable for Roborovski Dwarves as they might easily squeeze through.
- The cage is rather high.
- Bars are very weak.

Overall, the Alaska Cage might be the perfect starter cage.
Here's a picture of mine
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