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Default Re: Hereford (MHC) Show - 21st April 2018

Team Metallica had a busy day at the Hereford Show today where I was Book Steward for the Dwarf Section. It was a pleasure working with the judge and towards the end of the day I was also grateful to be allowed to see the end of the Syrian judging which was a great experience, particularly as I’ve not been that involved with that section.

The Metallica Hamstery show team was made up of Matthew, Alexander, Jack and I actually decided to bring Juno along too. Juno has been a Pet Only hamster at Metallica but I thought I’d give her another chance. Captain Jack S. Cormes managed to bring home the only prize card from the show winning 4th place in Small Hamstery. His brother Lord Alexander J. Cormes unfortunately placed bottom of the table though. Tiny Juno surprised me by scoring above Show Team Lead, Matthew C. Nobria which goes to show that you can’t underestimate what a ‘tiny mouse’ can do.

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