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Default Re: Keeping your hamster cool

Originally Posted by leedsgurl View Post
As the UK weather is hotting up at the moment, I thought it would be good to have all the tips for keeping your hamster cool in one place.

Feel free to add more to this thread!
  • Make sure no hamster homes are in direct sunlight.
  • Try to make sure the room is cool, you could put a fan in for air flow (but not pointed right at the homes) If the room is too hot for you, it's most likely too hot for the hamster!
  • You can put cold packs next to the outside of a cage where it cannot be chewed, just on one side so the hamster can go near it if they want.
  • You can put ice cubes in front of a fan or near a cage to help cool the air.
  • Small plastic drinks bottles can be 3/4 filled with water, then chilled in a fridge or frozen in a freezer then either placed outside like a cool pack, or inside the hamster home wrapped up in a bit of loo roll ( so the hamster doesn't hurt itself on the cold (really important if frozen!).
  • Mugs, saucers or even tiles can be chilled in a fridge then placed into the hamster home, giving something they can lean against, go in, or lie on if they want. You could try to order some free tile samples, or get some marble coasters.
  • Click here to view a video by ErinsAnimals.

Remember not to go too far, only put a cooling thing in one spot of a home so the hamster can get away from it if it wishes.

If your hamster looks ill, do call a vet to get advice/an appointment.
Thank you very much for this most helpful information.
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