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Default Re: Best Cage Help Please

Hi there. The Alaska is a good choice I don't think the Billy is big enough for a Syrian - it's not very deep. What is your budget? There is also the Barney and Alexander cages on Zooplus which are good for Syrians, but it depends if you have space for a 100cm cage. I think the Barney is a good buy. It's only about 10 to 15 more than the Alaska, but comes with a good house for a Syrian (which the Alaska doesn't so you'd need a house) and a good shelf. It also comes with a basic 8" wheel, which would do for a start, but an 11" wheel would be better.

Hamster Cages | great selection at zooplus

I have the Barney for our Syrian The Alaska is fine too. Some people find they want to upgrade from it after a while though, but it's a perfectly adequate size.
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