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Default Re: Water bowl or water bottle

My Pumpkin prefers a bowl - she used to use a bottle after I first adopted her when she was housed in a bar cage but upon moving her into her DIY cage, Pumpkin kept knocking over the freestanding bottle stand I had made when trying to find a solution to this I gave Pumpkin a water bowl and she preferred it over the bottle so would choose to drink from her bowl over the bottle - and she now has been using a water bowl solely for over a year.

I place Pumpkin’s water bowl on her Knuff shelf in the corner of her cage, to avoid her getting bedding in it or climbing into it. I use a normal sized hamster bowl for her dish filled with water (she a Syrian so is fine with it although would recommend a shallow dish for a dwarf). I now prefer bowls myself as they are a lot easier to keep clean and I don’t have to worry about leaking bottles like I did with all my past hamster who all used bottles.
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