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Default Re: cypher's photography.

Thanks so much everyone

BP Im not sure about the bees either, they do look quite soft & fluffy around their heads but maybe a bit more bristly toward the back end! The carder bees always look really soft to me, I just want to hug them
Glad you liked the the rain drops, photos like that are really fun to do.

Thanks Rads, I think the bees will always be my favourite subject, hopefully well have more next year, Im missing them now & have to find something else for some macro practise for the winter! I'll definitely have a go at more birds now too.

Serendipity I got a Canon EOS 77D, now of course I want lots of lenses to go with it lol! its really nice to finally have proper manual control & be able to get a bit more creative too.

Thanks SKB, I hope you can get a nice DSLR one day too, Im sure youd really enjoy your photography even more but you still take great photos anyway

Aww thanks so much dreamtree, the carder bee was fine, just needed a rest before flying off again, if they stay like that too long I always give them a helping hand, warm them up if need be & move them from flower to flower until they can manage on their own again, its always wonderful to see them flying off & going about their bee business again afterwards
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