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Default Goodnight, Pixie <3


I found you not long after you went into your forever sleep today, you were my first Hamster, and, my first "all mine" pet. I got so, so much wrong by you, but you never lost your bubbly personality. You never let my mistakes get you down. When I finally got it right your personality bloomed, you were always bubbly but when I finally got you in your forever home and in your forever set up you really found your feet, you put up with so much and you never complained. Not once. You absolutely loved exploring, so much so you escaped a whole four(!) times, twice you were only found by chance you little devil you. You made your likes and dislikes clear to everyone that met you, you were a little diva. You managed to fight off a mysterious lump which no one could diagnose with minimal intervention, you were always my little trooper. I miss your little face already. I miss our little cuddles (on the very few times you would actually sit and snuggle), I loved how you would demand out of cage time by running into the tube which was your chosen mode of transport, you loved shimmying out backwards because forwards was obviously too mainstream for a diva like you!

Say hi to Tinkerbell for me and I hope you play well together at the Rainbow Bridge, you'll be home again soon where you can sit with Tinkerbell for the rest of forever.

Love you always, goodnight Pixie <3 xx
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