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Default Beloved Penny has passed

it is with great regret that I must announce that dear Penny has passed to the land of rainbows.

she was 20 months old and passed 4 weeks ago.
I had notice that she was not using her wheel so much and that she was getting round in the hip area. as I was concerned about this sudden bulging around her hip I took her to the vets and was informed she had ovarian cysts. the vet advised to put her to sleep as an operation at her age would do her no good.

I cried quite a bit as you can imagine. and the one thing that upset me the most was the silence and void that was left. I could not bear it. so I hunted high and low for a new friend and found Nipper! I will be posting about him separately of course.

R.I.P Penny you will be missed xxxxxx
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