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Default Re: Hammy changed personality

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
Hams don't usually overeat & rarely get fat, I give veg every day & think that's fine, normally is you give too much of the dry mix they tend to make a really big hoard or leave it where it is rather than eat too much, all the same it is best not to over feed them so cutting back any excess is a good idea, she should need about a tablespoon of mix daily.

Moving her nest could have upset her quite a lot, they can be very sensitive to things like that but do normally adjust after a while, can you paint the shelf with plastikote to protect it & then give her the opportunity to move back where she was? That would mean taking the shelf out for a day though while you painted it & let it dry.
It does sound as though she's not showing any obvious signs of ill health but I'm really not sure what else to suggest other than the changes you mentioned that might be causing the lack of activity.
Thank you so much I will let her be and hope that she slowly gets her confidence back. I'll leave her nest alone from now on, I didn't realise that they messed in their own nests- it gets so wet so quickly I always worry about her skin
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