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Default Re: Hammy changed personality

Thank you Cypher! I'm in the UK and it's been quite mild the last couple of weeks. She was fine through our heat wave which was around 6 weeks ago.

I picked her up a couple of days ago to check her over, her eyes were bright, her fur is looking good and she is still washing. She is still eating all of her food and will come out when I scatter feed. Her poo seems normal. She has put on a lot of weight though- she's completely stopped running on her wheels though so she isn't getting any excercise apart from when I can coax her out and get her to run around in the bathroom.

There's two things I was wondering if it was. I moved her nest down from the wooden shelf to the substrate about 4 weeks ago because she wees and poos in her nests and it was seeping out under the nest. I thought she had adjusted ok but maybe that upset her? The other thing I found out is that I've been over feeding her. I had been giving her veg every single night and topping up her dry food every single night so I've cut that back over the past week or so as she has got so fat and lazy.

How do I put this right she is my first hamster and I've tried really hard to give her the very best of everything, I just want her to be happy but she seems really unhappy.

Thank you xx
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