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Question Hammy changed personality

Hello, looking for a bit of advice if that's ok. We'be had our female Syrian, Nugget for just under 3 months now. After we initially tamed her she was very active, she loved her wheel, would run all over her cage and burrow constantly. She also always came out to see us and would climb up to the door to have a cuddle.

The last month or so she has completely changed. She sleeps ALL the time, I've been up at 2am, 5am and she is always in her nest. I can also tell that she hasn't been active because I remove all of the substrate from her wheels to check whether she has been on them and literally nothing has moved in the cage. She is far more cautious than she used to be and she just seems to show no interest in anything unless it's food.

She has a very large cage (Alexander), a 12" wheel and a 12" flying saucer plus lots of tubes etc. I just feel that she is really unhappy and I don't know how to make her happy!

please help, it's really getting me down

Thank you from Amy and Nugget x
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