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Default Re: Syrian Scent Glands ???

The scent gland produces oil that, to us has no smell, but to hamsters it essentially screams 'This is my smell. This is my thing. No touchy' in big capital letters. The hamster licks at the gland to spread the oil over its fur (more surface area = more scent spread around), and then it rubs its hips against whatever it wants to apply its scent to. It's normal, and usually dries/is cleaned during normal grooming after a couple of hours.

So, not really anything I'd worry about. =) It's especially common for hamsters to produce a little extra scent if they're in a new place, something's been cleaned, or if it simply doesn't smell 'mine!' enough. Also, your hamster looks like its long-haired, and satin, which might make it look 'wetter' than normal.
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