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Originally Posted by Drago View Post
AprilPearl & Jennie F

Neither of you should feel guilty at all! I hope I didn't seen offensive at all before, if I did, I'm sorry You two love and care for you hamsters and that's all that matters now! There's no need to beat yourself up over it, and I wouldn't necessarily say it's such a sin to buy from a shop either. I think the best thing we could all do as a community is help to educate more people, love our hamsters, and always be kind and accepting of people's choices
Drago no offense taken. I think that is what these big companies want , for people to blindly follow trends and not ask questions. I'm more annoyed at myself for being one of them. I have been in there and heard them giving out wrong advice to customers all the time. You hear so much about puppy farms but almost nothing about anything else. At least we knkw now and wouldnt take part in it again. Just wish there was more that could be done
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