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Default Re: Best veggies for Hybrids and Syrians?

Don't panic over natural sugars in most veggies,they're quite minimal and relatively harmless It's when you start getting into a lot of the heavily altered high sugar fruits(not all fruits are extremely high in sugar,some could potentially be fine in very small amounts on a very rare occasion only if fed fresh not dry as dry fruits have higher concentration of sugar),that you may have some issues.

Broccoli is an extremely good food to feed,it's very nutrient dense as far as foods go and while it is high protein(as are lots of plant foods)you do want to make sure your hamsters get animal protein regularly.Carrots in moderation can be fine too,but not fed too soon after fruits for hybrids as they are higher in sugar than most vegetables(although in moderation with a healthy hamster it shouldn't hurt,but if in doubt monitor your own hamster and if possible check sugar levels somehow).There are plenty safe lists out there,just make sure to double check with reputable lists if you're using one that isn't from a 100% accurate source!
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