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Default Re: Tinkerbell [Pictures!]

Originally Posted by Lilac_Dreams View Post
There are two other colours in addition to Agouti, Dom Spot and BEW, but they are not NHC recognised as of yet and one is debated upon.

These are Striped and Piebald.

Striped looks like a Black Eyed White hamster but has a semi-dorsal stripe.

Piebald is controversial because it looks exactly like a Dom Spot just with better defined edges so it's possible it's just a really clear Dom Spot as opposed to a separate gene.

I breeder in the netherlands breeds (or bred) both mutations.
I was quite intrigued so went and googled the two colours. I managed to find some photos and they're very cute. <3

I can see where the controversy might have come from with the Piebald though as it does look very similar to a Dom Spot.

It'll be interesting to see how these develop and the genetics behind them as time goes on.
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