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Default Re: Tinkerbell [Pictures!]

Originally Posted by Hamsterita View Post
She's lovely. I didn't know they could be like that, she has a really beautiful and clear coat, I thought they were darker and grey. Chinese are very good looking hamsters for sure.
There's three colours for Chinese.

There's the Normal (agouti) which is brown with a black dorsal (back) stripe, white underside and a slate grey base coat - My James, Victoria and Matthew and Cypher's Zen and Zylvan are Normals.

There's the Dominant Spot which is white with a dark dorsal stripe, brown patches and a white underside and base coat. The amount of brown patches can vary with some having large areas of brown and others being almost white with just the darker dorsal stripe - Tinkerbell, Cypher's Zeki and my Jessie are Dominant Spots.

Then there's the Black Eyed White which is usually owned by breeders and exhibitors and this is an entirely white hamster, absolutely stunning if you ever get to see one in the fur! Souffle's Bianca is a Black Eyed White.

Thankfully the genetics behind the Chinese colourings are a lot easier to understand than Syrian genetics.
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