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Default Re: Simple question on changing cage

They don't burrow down to pee Serendipity they just burrow, burrow & burrow more lol!
I do find with Chineseys especially that all the substrate gets well & truly mixed up as they burrow & dig a lot (some may make a nest at the bottom of the cage/tank too) which means that just cleaning the top layer doesn't work at all.
I only do partial cleans, maybe a third or half at a time but you do need to get down to the bottom of the cage as that's where poo, bits of food, loads of sand & everything else ends up. I don't have a set schedule for partial cleans but probably once a month or two months depending on how the cage looks & what they've been up to.
A lot depends on where they pee, if it's mostly in the wheel or sand then you don't need to clean nest areas too often but if they pee in the nest then that may need cleaning weekly with daily spot cleans if need be.
I always put back some of the nest & hoard when I clean those areas.
I don't find toys need cleaning often at all tbh.

If you do mean changing things in the cage I do that rarely if ever, most of my hams really don't like their set up being changed around so I keep a small area where I can add things or swap them around & leave the rest well alone.
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