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Default Re: Very concerned. Advice?

It's always so sad to see them age and know we won't have them around with us for as long as we like. I'm sure you'll get some good advice about diet and so on that can help an elderly ham with his fur and skin.
However, I really do think you should take to the vet for his lump. If it's growing daily it could, at the very least, start causing him some real discomfort and hams are pretty good at hiding their pain until it's really serious. I know that you are worried about taking him because of what you think might happen but nobody is going to make you do something that you don't feel is right for Buzz. But they wil advise you about what they think is going on and what would be an appropriate course of action. It may be something treatable, it may not but I personally feel that having all the facts means you can make an informed decision about Buzz and give him the best life possible, however long that may be.
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