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Default Re: Real London Show (Bracknell) 10th September

Originally Posted by chesca_27 View Post

Yes Larry-Jasper has been entered in the main show. I do wonder if Sue from TuftyFluff will recognise him as well as she's judging him. Although, Sue did tell me she was judging one of Jasper's siblings (who she'd given to the new owner that day), and didn't recognise him/her. The hamster ended up being 2nd (don't know what class) lol.

I think he's the first hamster to be called Larry-Jasper and she did have to send me his pedigree with his name on so you never know.
I think it depends on how many hamsters are in the class and how many hamsters that breeder has rehomed of a similar age.

I don't think Victoria was recognised by her breeder last time she was judged but I think James was recognised at his first show by his breeder.

The judge will not know Larry-Jasper's name when he's being judged as it's all done by the pen numbers and only the show secretary will know which number applies to which exhibitor until the judging is over and the prize cards are written. You are quite welcome to wear something with your name on and you will probably see quite a few people wearing t-shirts/hoodies with their hamstery's name on.
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