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Default Re: Bank holiday surprise

I'm resisting Batfink as a name so far but it seems to be sticking.... He still hasn't named himself yet but he's coming out of shell a bit now so I can get to know him and hopefully find a name. He was the boldest cheeky chappie in p@h and then really withdrew for the first few days of being home. Not so brave as he thought he was. But I've got him in a "too small" tank for this week while he gets his brave back and then I'll upgrade him. Which seems to have worked well. He'll go in Lewis's duna multy now Lewis is in a mini duna (I'll update his thread about that one soon).
"batfink" basically is like most of my cooking - a bit of everything thrown in! He's a chocolatey brown but slightly lighter round the eyes like the sables are but there's a gingery tinge to the brown, stronger in some places so he looks likes he's going rusty. And his underneath and lower fave are a very pale grey. So I think the official name for his colouring is a "beautiful hodge podge"
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