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Default Re: Help, new hamster with one eye closed!

I'm pleased you've found a new hamster Jazza but what a shame if she has a problem with her eye. It could be one of any number of things really - a slight infection, something in it, a scratch from a litter mate or something else quite innocent. Did she have that problem in store as I think [email protected] do a visual Heath check at the time. If you check your receipt, I'm pretty sure they have a sort of guarantee that if your hammy has a health problem you discover when you get home then they will pay for the vet treatment and a lot of p&h's have a vet franchise in store now (although not small pet specialists, it's still convenient) It might be something that can be sorted with a gentle saline solution to the eye but I think if it were me, I'd ring the store and tell them about the eye and the you can arrange a vet visit.
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