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Cages can work,especially for dwarf hamsters.100 cm x 50 cm(length and width,be extremely careful with dimensions as these can be really misleading at times!)for a dwarf,or for a Syrian there is a 100 cm x 100 cm rabbit cage you can get on Amazon as well as Little Pet Warehouse.It's intended as a guinea pig/rabbit cage,but it is great for Syrians once the sides are properly meshed while for a dwarf cage there are tons and tons of 100 x 50 options

As long as the bottom can either hold enough substrate to burrow in(10.16 cm for robos,15.24 cm for other dwarf species,and 30.48 for Syrians)or can have attached borders to keep the substrate inside the cage it is completely fine to have a wire cage.Of course,you do want to make sure the cage itself has lots of roof cover and hiding places such as bendy bridges and levels!

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